Parker Woods wildflowers

Community Organization Links

Cincinnati Parks - owns 5,000 acres, which amounts to approximately 10% of Cincinnati's total land area including 5 regional parks, 70 neighborhood parks, 34 natural areas.

Great Parks of Hamilton County - is an independent government agency with a dual mission to protect local natural resources and to provide outdoor recreation. The district maintains 80% of its parkland as natural habitat. Old growth forests, young woodlands, meadows, prairies, wetlands, lakes and streams are protected to provide habitat for countless numbers of plant and animal species.

Raptor Inc. - is a nonprofit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio committed to the preservation of birds of prey. RAPTOR stands for the Regional Association for the Protection and Treatment of Raptors.

Mill Creek Alliance - is dedicated to the renewal of one of the country's most degraded urban watersheds.

Imago - is an organization committed to living in harmony with the Earth and its people. Its members embody lifestyles premised on the sacredness of all Creation. Its mission is to create a new vision of human presence within the Earth community, drawing on Earth-centered traditions and a bioregional consciousness.

The Hillside Trust - actively works to help achieve a balance between the competing interests of development and conservation of our remaining hillside land.

Cincinnati City Council - Website for the Cincinnati City Council.

Western Wildlife Corridor - has worked since 1992 to preserve and restore the greenway corridor of wooded hillsides along the Ohio River from the Mill Creek near downtown Cincinnati to the Great Miami River bordering Indiana.