Parker Woods wildflowers



The Give-A-Wildflower program is designed to let community members help restore the natural beauty of Northside parks. By participating in the Give-A-Wildflower program, your gift will be used to support planting of native Ohio wildflowers and and restoring wildflower habitat in Parker's Woods and Buttercup Valley. Share your love of nature — and Northside — by supporting Northside Greenspace Inc.'s efforts in preserving the necklace of greenspace that graces our community.

New England Aster We invite you, to celebrate a special occasion — or, perhaps, just a particularly lovely day — by helping to restore and protect the mature forest preserves that are home to dozens of species of wildflowers, and that are such a vital component of the Northside community. What better way to honor a loved one, a friend, a colleague, or neighbor, or to commemorate a life well lived? What simpler way to support the health and biodiversity of the woods you and your neighbors enjoy?

Honorees will receive a card picturing a blooming native plant or restored Northside woodland or prairie flowerscape, informing them of the gift that has been made in their honor. Your honoree's name will also be posted on a special page on our Northside Greenspace website. Northside Greenspace, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization; contributions are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.

Please download the Give-A-Wildflower form, complete the form and return it to Northside Greenspace Inc. with check or money order to participate in the program.

About Spring Wildflowers

Some of our most glorious forest wildflowers, such as Virginia Bluebell, Bloodroot, and Shooting Star, are called "spring ephemerals" because the plants disappear after blooming, leaving no trace above ground.

Below ground, however, their roots lie patiently through the summer, fall, and winter, conserving energy, waiting to send shoots bursting forth into the increasing light and warmth of spring, to blossom and begin the whole cycle anew. Their brief life above ground and the delicate appearance of the spring ephemerals belies their resilience. Wildflowers are an apt metaphor for the human spirit, for human life.